DairyLovers serves the original Belgian Sugar Waffle, called the Liège Waffle. Our waffles are made with the highest quality ingredients including the unique Belgian Sugar Pearl, freshly baked on a traditional cast iron.

This waffle has its roots in the city of Liège, where in the 18th century the Prince asked his cook to create a brioche-like dough with chunks of pearl sugar. The result turned into a waffle with a crispy caramelized exterior with bits of crunchy sugar throughout. This waffle is denser than the Brussels waffle and has a buttery interior flavoured with vanilla. The waffle is so tasty due to its flavor and texture that it can be enjoyed plain and is eaten at any time of day on the streets of Belgium. However, toppings always make things better! Try the Liege waffle with our vanilla ice cream and you’re in heaven…

Our favourite waffles:

Premium Waffle

Chocolate sauce and whipped cream                                  $ 4.75

Banana Caramel Waffle

Fresh sliced bananas, home made caramel sauce

and whipped cream                                                                  $ 5.50

Sweet Strawberry Waffle

Strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream          $ 5.50

DairyLovers Waffle

Speculoos spread, vanilla ice cream and strawberries     $ 6.25