About us

We are the real dairy lovers. And we can call ourselves experts, because we have been running a dairy farm for over thirty years now.
We started in the Netherlands and immigrated to Ontario, Canada a couple of years ago. As our business expanded, we started to look for a new challenge.
We love soft serve ice cream, but what we tasted was often a bit disappointing. Did you know that most of the big ice cream company’s make ice cream with soy instead of real milk? And if they do use real milk, it doesn’t contain the (by law) required 10 % milk fat?
We have been looking for the best quality soft serve mix to serve you the best ice cream. And we found it. Our product contains 13% milk fat and is made from real milk.
We do not make this mix ourselves, but we do start the process by milking 500 cows twice a day.
We invite you to visit our ice cream truck and try one of our delicious treats!